Miracle-Gro® Soaker System

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Miracle-Gro® Soaker System

Create your customized soaker layout…Soak the Root Zone….Conserve Water!

The first completely customizable Miracle-Gro® Soaker System that “lets you design your system to your own garden, landscaping or flower bed needs”. Simply, layout your design, cut the soaker hose to length and push on the included connectors. The patented EZ-Connect System with Friction-Fit connectors makes this system fast and easy to use. The system comes with a patented restrictor washer that helps regulate the water flow. The hose, when filled with water, “weeps” water through its pores, soaking the earth and feeding the roots…where it’s needed most. The system conserves up to 70% water verses a standard open air sprinkler soaker. This system is completely lead free. The Miracle-Gro® systems comes in a 100’ box kit with 18 connector pieces and 75’ and 50’ coils with the connectors attached for all your gardening needs.

*Meets the lead free standard under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. MIRACLE-GRO® is a registered trademark of OMS Investments, Inc. and is used under license.

Miracle-Gro® Soaker System Product Sheet (PDF)

Miracle-Gro® 100′ Soaker System Product Sheet (PDF)

Meets the lead free standard under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
Drinking Water Safe
We make the hose lead free* because we want the water entering the hose to be the same as what comes out.
Hose Amour
Lead Free Couplings with Hose Armour to Prevent Kinking at the Spigot
Lay-Flat Technology
Lay-Flat Technology makes the hose snap back into shape fighting kinks and providing Maximum Kink Resistance.
Meets California Toy Standards for phthalate content
Phthalates have been proven to be harmful to humans but we take the extra step in safety assuring that all Element hoses are Phthalate safe.
Water Restrictor
Patented water restrictor regulates the PSI in the hose.
Eco Couplings
Stock # I.D. Length Units Lbs. Cube UPC
MGSPA38050CC 3/8 50 6 2.85 1.31 0-78627-91382-9
MGSPA38050FM 3/8 50 12 2.85 2.63 0-78627-91382-9
MGSPA38075CC 3/8 75 4 4.275 1.31 0-78627-91383-6
MGSPA38075FM 3/8 75 8 4.275 2.63 0-78627-91383-6
MGSPAK38100CC 3/8 100 3 6.7 1.67 0-78627-91385-0
MGSPAK38100FM 3/8 100 6 6.7 3.44 0-78627-91385-0