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The Soaker Hose used by Professional Landscapers!

Element™ SoakerPRO™ soaker hose is the choice of professional landscapers everywhere. Made from recycled materials and utilizing our patented water restrictor which reduces water consumption by 70%, SoakerPRO™ truly is environmentally friendly. The smaller diameter, higher crush resistance and tensile strength make it easier to manipulate around plants and shrubs, weeping tiny drops of water where they belong: the root zone. Evaporation is the enemy when watering plants or a garden; combat evaporation with Element™ SoakerPRO™ – The Soaker Hose used by Professional Landscapers!

Built with quality in mind, the Element™ line of hoses offers the quality you expect in a high end hose and includes numerous technology advances making them perfect for today’s health conscious consumer. Lead free* Element™ hoses are manufactured in a variety of bold new constructions in vibrant colors. If you are tired of buying the same disposable hose year after year, step up to a hose in the Element™ line, where you will find the perfect hose for any application. Element™ – The Greener Way to Water™.

*Meets the lead free standard under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Meets the lead free standard under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
Drinking Water Safe
We make the hose lead free* because we want the water entering the hose to be the same as what comes out.
Hose Amour
Lead Free Couplings with Hose Armour to Prevent Kinking at the Spigot
Lay-Flat Technology
Lay-Flat Technology makes the hose snap back into shape fighting kinks and providing Maximum Kink Resistance.
Meets California Toy Standards for phthalate content
Phthalates have been proven to be harmful to humans but we take the extra step in safety assuring that all Element hoses are Phthalate safe.
Water Restrictor
Patented water restrictor regulates the PSI in the hose.
Eco Couplings
Stock # I.D. Length Units Lbs. Cube UPC
ELSP38010 3/8 10 15 16 1.53 078627-99380-7
ELSP38025 3/8 25 12 21 1.53 078627-99381-4
ELSP38050 3/8 50 8 25 1.53 078627-99382-1
ELSP38075 3/8 75 5 18 1.53 078627-99383-8
ELSP38100 3/8 100 4 24 1.53 078627-99384-5